Earlier in November Alpha-Purify’s Head of Global Sales Berenika Bond headed to Piscine Global Europe, the largest and one of the most important international trade fairs for swimming pool trends and technologies in the world. The show, which was held in Lyon, France, is a great opportunity to catch up contacts in the water purification industry, and in this case the visit also represented a chance to meet with representatives from the French branch of Alpha-Purify’s parent company Alpha-Cure.

Berenika took the chance to meet with both existing and potential customers at the show to discuss the applications of UV disinfection in the swimming pool industry and using Alpha-Purify’s medium pressure UV lamps for the very best results. Several UV system manufacturers such as SITA, VGE and BIO-UV were showcasing their very latest products at the show, reflecting an increase in investment in swimming pool disinfection technology and the increasing trend away from chemical disinfection solutions. SITA were introducing their SMP 3 unit, a compact UV disinfection system specifically designed for small pools or jacuzzies.

Other notable trends that Berenika noticed at Piscine Global included an increase in the use of UV dechloramination, which has become a very popular process to effectively reduce the concentration of chloramines in public swimming pool water. Chlorine is still used for water disinfection in lots of countries but when the chemical reaction of disinfection happens, chloramines (mono, di and trichloramines) are generated. Chloramines give water the distinctive strong smell and sting to eyes, lungs and skin that causes redness and irritation. Chloramines can be broken down by direct exposure to UV light, meaning the water is disinfected and more comfortable for swimmers to use. If the trend towards the use of UV dechloramination continues, hopefully we can look forward to waving goodbye to the days of red and itchy eyes after swimming forever.

For more information on Alpha-Purify’s medium pressure UV lamps that are used for UV disinfection and UV dechloramination, please contact Berenika Bond on Berenika.bond@alpha-purify.com