The health of the world’s oceans is critical to the challenges of climate change, which is the focus of Nor-Shipping.

Alpha-Purify’s Head of Global Sales, Berenika Bond, attends the biennial ocean and maritime trade show, Nor-Shipping next week! The event brings leading maritime industries together to showcase new innovations for renewable ocean development.

Networking Opportunity

Berenika will meet with new and existing customers to show how UV technology greatly benefits the marine industry. UV technology plays a key role in renewable water treatment applications such as ballast water to protect ecosystems from cross-contamination.

Trade show business meeting

Sustainable Innovations

Alpha-Purify is devoted to the research and development of UV technology and shares Nor-Shipping’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Nor-Shipping is the perfect venue to discuss UV technology as a sustainable solution to challenges faced by the marine industry.

UV Technology

You will have the opportunity to discuss the benefits of UV technology with Berenika at Nor-Shipping on the 4th and 5th of April. Alternatively, you can contact us directly or email Berenika to set up a meeting.