Does your UV disinfection system need replacement parts? Or, are you fed up that every time you carry out a service on your system, you must source the different parts from different suppliers to get what you need? Alpha-Purify is now offering a useful service kit that contains everything you need to carry out preventative maintenance on your UV disinfection system. UV systems are revolutionising the disinfection market as they are proven to be more effective and environmentally-friendlier than the chemical alternatives, however they require maintenance to maintain effectiveness. We have the expertise and industry knowledge to tailor the service packages to your specific needs and system specification.

The Alpha-Purify UV disinfection system service kits include:

UV Lamps

Alpha-Purify supplies high-quality replacement UV lamps compatible with your UV system when your lamp comes to the end of its working life. Explore our range of UV disinfection lamps for surface, air and water disinfection by clicking here: UV LAMP


We can help you with replacement O-rings seals in a wide range of different diameters and thicknesses, depending on the UV disinfection system you are using. Take a look at our high-quality replacement O-rings here: O-RINGS

Quartz Sleeves


We supply both open and closed-ended quartz sleeves in a wide range of diameters and lengths for use with germicidal lamps in UV disinfection systems, and we can help you select the correct quartz sleeve for your needs. Ozone, ozone-free and synthetic quartz options are available for all sizes and shapes of quartz sleeves. Click Here: QUARTZ SLEEVES


To find out more about the Alpha-Purify service kits and request our competitive price list, please contact us by email: or via phone on +44 (0) 1327 368205.