Alpha-Purify’s Head of Global Sales Berenika Bond and Marketing Manager Natasha Wallace travelled to Stuttgart at the end of October to attend Interbad, a bi-annual exhibition for swimming pools, saunas and spas. Compared to some of the exhibitions Alpha-Purify attends Interbed is small and is aimed at the German market, with just a relatively limited international presence. The show represented a chance to meet with plenty of fellow suppliers to the swimming pool and spa industry, as well as assess trends in this market.

Interbad is aimed at sharing and demonstrating new ideas or innovative solutions within the pool and spa sector, and Germany has certainly had a progressive attitude for some time having adopted UV disinfection far earlier than some of its European counterparts.

Chatting to swimming pool and spa operators at Interbad certainly demonstrated that more companies are embracing alternative methods of water disinfection, moving away from chemical disinfection. UV disinfection is a safe and clean way to disinfect swimming pool water and remove chloramines from the water at the same time.

Berenika says: “It was useful to learn about how water treatment technology is consistently improving, enabling operators to digitally track their water environment at a more granular level than ever. This results in quicker reaction time and a safer swim for customers.”

The show has given Berenika and Natasha inspiration for how to market and sell to the swimming pool and spa sector as Alpha-Purify look forward to the new challenges of 2019. Service packages of lamps, o-rings and quartz sleeves to suit a range of equipment manufacturers are on the cards for Q1 2019.