Alpha-Purify supply high-quality quartz sleeves for a range of UV systems, all crafted from the highest-grade quartz with premium UV transmission (UVT). This means our quartz sleeves transmit a high UV output over a range of temperatures, however a natural build-up of contaminants carried in the water will inhibit the transmittance of the sleeve and reduce its effectiveness. We advise that customers clean their quartz sleeves at regular intervals, and ensure they are replaced after a certain length of use.

How often should I clean quartz sleeves?

The level of contaminants in the water will vary depending on the location of the water treatment facility and the type of water being treated, so it can be hard to know how often to clean quartz sleeves.

We advise that quartz sleeves should be checked after one week of operation to see how much, if any, fouling has occurred. The quartz sleeves should then be re-checked every week for a determined period of time, so that the normal rate of fouling can be assessed and a cleaning schedule put in place. An example of this would be that if fouling appears after 30 days, ensure that the quartz sleeves are scheduled to be cleaned every 25 days to maintain UVT.

Why do I need to replace quartz sleeves?

The same contamination that prevents UV being effectively transmitted through the quartz can also lead to the degradation of the material wall, meaning that even cleaning the sleeves may eventually have no positive effect on UV transmittance.

We recommend that all quartz sleeves should be replaced every 3 years, however if the sleeves are regularly suffering from heavy contamination then they should be replaced earlier if testing equipment shows that UVT is compromised.

If your system manufacturer has provided you with system maintenance guidelines then please check these for any quartz sleeve care notes.

When you need replacement quartz sleeves…

…please make sure that you drop Alpha-Purify a line to discuss your requirements, or take a look at our online product range here. We stock replacement sleeves for a range of UV systems created by market leading OEMs, and will be happy to assist you.