Disinfection is critical in healthcare environments to prevent the spread of infection between patients and to ensure surfaces and equipment are clean and safe. Hospitals and other healthcare environments have worked hard to improve their practices over the years, with the aim of improving their nosocomial infection rates and helping to control the rise of drug-resistant bacteria.

To improve their disinfection practices, hospitals are beginning to explore UV systems as a way of lowering hospital-acquired infections (HAI) in their patients, making the environment safer and the disinfection process more effective. UV disinfection is combined with traditional chemical cleaning processes to ensure a highly-effective cleaning regime and increased efficacy in infection control.

Microorganisms found in hospitals are inactivated when they are exposed to UV light. The light emitted by the UV lamps in the disinfection system breaks the DNA of microorganisms which prevents them from reproducing, so they are rendered harmless. The UV dose needed to achieve effective disinfection will vary depending on the application. Alpha-Purify’s low-pressure lamps emit radiation at the 254nm wavelength, which is able to deactivate microorganisms on surfaces, in air and in water making them ideal for disinfection applications.


The advantages of UV disinfection systems include:

Alpha-Purify works with companies who use UV systems in a wide range of applications to ensure safe, environmentally-friendly disinfection. UV disinfection is a safe and proven process that is trusted by industries around the world, including those using it for safe wastewater and drinking water treatment.  As UV light disables a microorganism’s DNA rather than genetically changing them, they do not develop a resistance to the disinfection process which helps to prevent the rise of chlorine-resistant superbugs.

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