Alpha-Purify’s Head of Global Sales Berenika Bond hit the road yet again at the beginning of October to travel to New Orleans for WEFTEC, a leading exhibition for wastewater, drinking water and stormwater treatment professionals from around the world.

Berenika was at the show in New Orleans to explore the sales opportunities for Alpha-Purify in the United States and beyond, particularly in water and wastewater treatment applications. Alpha-Purify manufacture market-leading UV disinfection lamps used in for clean, safe and chemical-free UV disinfection around the world. Explore the different applications of UV disinfection systems in a wide range of industries here.

WEFTEC presented an excellent opportunity for Berenika to meet with equipment manufacturers who were exhibiting there and speak to them about Alpha-Purify’s product range as well as being able to see their latest technology for herself. Alpha-Purify works with several leading OEMs creating and manufacturing proprietary lamps for their UV disinfection systems while they are in development. Alpha-Purify’s lamps are manufactured from premium-quality materials to the highest possible standard, ensuring clean and safe disinfection. Alpha-Purify also supplies a range of UV disinfection system accessories such as quartz sleeves, o-rings and power supplies.

Berenika also participated in several networking events at WEFTEC, allowing her to meet with water and wastewater operators and utility managers who are actively looking for new technologies and suppliers to help them increase efficiency and improve water safety levels whilst managing operational costs.

Overall, the visit to WEFTEC was a very successful one, and the contacts made at the show should result in increased brand awareness and new business for Alpha-Purify. If you are interested in meeting with Berenika or any of the Alpha-Purify team, you can find out which shows they will be visiting or exhibiting at here.