High-quality UV disinfection lamps for safe water, air and surface purification at a competitive cost.

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UV Disinfection Applications


UV disinfection systems are an efficient and safe method of ensuring good water quality in all sizes of swimming pools and water parks.

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Ultraviolet disinfection systems in hatcheries, fish farms and aquariums have enabled operators to farm or keep greater yields of healthier stock.

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UV technology is used in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing sites for the production of ultrapure process water, as well as disinfecting air, surfaces and lab equipment.

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Waste Water

UV disinfection of waste water is a chemical-free process that renders harmful microorganisms safe, and ensures safe water for residents, workers and flora and fauna that inhabit local water bodies.

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UV disinfection is used in the marine industry to treat ballast water, and as part of advanced wastewater purification and potable drinking water systems.

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Food & Beverage

Food and drink producers are increasingly turning to germicidal lamps to ensure food, beverages and the areas they are produced in are all free of unwanted pathogens.

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UV disinfection is popular for treating water used in horticultural applications, as it introduces no chemicals or by-products which can stress plants and lower crop quality.

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Packaging & Processing

The hygienic processing and packing of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics is vital to ensure they reach consumers still meeting the high standard of quality required.

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Drinking Water

UV disinfection is now tried, tested and trusted for the treatment of municipal and domestic drinking water around the world.

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The UV disinfection of water used in mining processes ensures compliance with regulations and prevents the release of unsafe water.

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Germicidal lamps are used to disinfect patient rooms, equipment and air in hospitals, helping to fight hospital acquired infections.

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Oil & Gas

On and off-shore oil and gas production requires the treatment of large amounts of water that is used for well-fracturing, cooling and reuse.

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