Ultraviolet technology is a popular choice for treating water used in horticultural applications


OEM manufacturers offer specific systems for the industry to help continually disinfect the water being used in various soil-based and soil-less plant cultivation techniques, such as hydroponic systems. Ultraviolet light does not affect the pH or chemistry of the water and neutralises many organisms problematic to commercial horticulturalists such as fungi, viruses (including the tomato mosaic and tomato bronze viruses), moulds and mildew.

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Disinfection using ultraviolet light is increasingly popular for treating water used in horticultural applications, as it introduces no chemicals or unwanted disinfection by-products, which can stress plants and reduce crop quality. UV leaves no residue on the crops and helps employers provide a healthy environment for greenhouse workers. It also helps reduce the risk of pathogens developing resistance to commonly-used chemical disinfection methods – to date no organism has developed a resistance to disinfection by UV light.


  • No chemical by-products in the water.
  • Leaves no residue on crops.
  • Does not affect the PH or chemistry of the water.
  • Possibility to render inactive microbes that have developed a resistance to chemical treatments.
  • It's more environmentally friendly than other options.

Alpha-Purify provides UV lamps for disinfection systems used by horticulturalists at the forefront of commercial plant production in the UK and across the world.

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