Drinking Water

UV light is tried and trusted technology for treatment of municipal and domestic drinking water around the world.

Drinking Water

Fresh water is a finite resource and demand continues to grow for safe drinking water supplies as populations increase and climate change puts pressure on our environments.

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Around the world, ultraviolet technology is used as part of the treatment process for drinking water. Protecting people in homes and businesses anywhere from remote communities and research outposts to vast municipalities.

The benefits of using UV lamp-based technologies are:

  • The physical rather than chemical process creates no disinfection by-products.
  • Pathogens cannot build a resistance to ultraviolet light.
  • Disinfection systems using UV-C light deactivate chlorine-resistant microorganisms so they cannot reproduce.
  • Ultraviolet light does not alter the taste or pH of drinking water.
  • No beneficial minerals are removed.

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