UV technology applied to water disinfection processes used in mining helps to comply with mining regulations and prevents the release of unsafe water


Ultraviolet light is used in disinfection systems to help treat water used in mining processes and prevent the release of unsafe water.

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Mining methods such as quarrying and milling use water for the extraction of minerals in processes called grinding, separating and dust suppression.  The water used may be municipal wastewater or deep groundwater that is already of poor quality so needs to be carefully managed and treated afterwards to ensure it does not contaminate nearby water sources.

Due to their often remote locations, mining operations may have additional requirements for the provision of safe drinking and camp water. UV disinfection systems form an important part of the water treatment and storage processes.

Benefits of using an UV light-based system are:

  • The physical rather than chemical process creates no disinfection by-products.
  • Pathogens cannot build a resistance to UV light.
  • UV disinfection will deactivate chlorine-resistant microorganisms so they cannot reproduce.
  • UV treatment does not alter the taste or pH of drinking water.
  • Safer operating standards versus chemical-based systems.

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