Water disinfection in hatcheries, fish farms and aquariums have enabled operators to farm or keep greater yields of healthier stock.


Water quality has a direct impact on the success of commercial aquaculture operators. Good water quality improves the ability to successfully hatch eggs, raise juvenile fish and grow strong, healthy stock.

So, it is little surprise that ultraviolet (UV) based water purification systems are in common use across the sector, especially in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). A RAS is an enclosed water system that has ongoing filtration and removal of suspended matter and metabolites to keep the water clean and provide a healthy environment for the fish to live in.

Wellboats also use UV systems to help keep both process and discharge water quality high. Wellboats have an isolated tank or 'well' in them that allows for fish stocks to be transported to new destinations but not to be exposed to potential contamination from external waters. The water in the well is kept clean using UV systems thanks to them being easily implemented for water inlet, outlet, or process areas.

Using a UV lamp-based water treatment system as part of the water purification process has advantages over similar chemical-based systems. Ultraviolet light renders microbes harmless, even those that can develop a resistance to chemical inactivation. While chemical methods can leave harmful by-products in the water and risk the stock suffering the effects of accidental overdosing.

The result of using a UV light system is healthy water that provides an environment for hatching and growing healthy stock, including the possibility of an increase in stock densities with less risk of disease.


  • No chemical by-products in the water.
  • Reduces chemical handling requirements.
  • Possibility to render inactive microbes that have developed a resistance to chemical treatments.
  • Possibility to increase stock densities.

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