Ultraviolet technology is used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce ultrapure process water and to help disinfect air, surfaces and lab equipment


UV technology is used in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing sites for the production of ultrapure process water, disinfecting air or surfaces and ensuring lab tools and personal safety equipment meet stringent standards.

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Ultrapure Water

Ultrapure water is treated through multiple steps to meet the quality standards for different users. UV technology in disinfection systems is used to render microbes and pathogens in the water harmless, and to help remove ozone and chlorine from process water, particularly if it has been disinfected using chemical methods previously, which can leave high levels of ozone. 

Disinfection of the working environment

Laboratories employ the use of ceiling-mounted UV lamp technology to help purify the air as it is circulated throughout the facility. Portable banks of UV lamps are also used to help disinfect rooms and storage areas.

Cleaning equipment and protective equipment

After conventional chemical cleaning, laboratory equipment is sent through a UV lamp-based disinfection ‘tunnel’ or stored in a UV lightbox overnight. Personal protective equipment can be treated with handheld UV germicidal equipment to help remove contaminants.

Treating laboratory discharge water

UV based water disinfection systems can also be used to treat effluent water from laboratories or pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, to ensure any potentially toxic by-products that have been added during testing and chemical processes are rendered harmless.

Benefits of UV technology are:

  • UV light can render microbes and pathogens harmless by altering their DNA.
  • It can remove ozone and chlorine from process water.
  • UV technology is flexible in its use - systems can help disinfect water, air and surfaces.
  • It is more environmentally friendly than chemical-based systems.

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