OEM & Proprietary Lamps

We work with many Original Equipment Manufacturers supplying high quality UV lamps

OEM & Proprietary Lamps

Alpha-Purify, and our parent company Alpha-Cure, has a long and successful history of working with Original Equipment Manufacturers to supply them with exclusive ultraviolet lamps that are placed in their systems before the sale.

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Our dedicated research and development department is committed to delivering innovation and quality in partnership with leading UV disinfection system manufacturers around the world. Alpha-Purify’s state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with a highly experienced team of UV engineers and production staff, ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and support.

Alpha-Purify’s medium pressure ultraviolet lamps are available in a vast range of specifications including:

  • 50 to 550 W/cm
  • 200 watts to 50 kilowatts
  • 3cm to 3.5m arc length
  • 10mm to 46mm diameter
  • Round and pinch seal options
  • Double and single-ended lamps
  • Return wire and framed lamps
  • 150 socket types, both ceramic and metal testing 

Production and Technical Director Richard Cherry comments: 

“Working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) is mutually beneficial for both them and the UV engineers here at Alpha-Purify.

As the UV lamp environment is critical to achieving the OEMs, and therefore their customers, expectations on performance and useful life, it gives us, the opportunity to be involved from the early system design stage. It would not be uncommon for the UV system designers to have extremely limited experience with the operation of the lamp itself, as this is just not something that is that usual outside of our industry.

So, at Alpha-Purify, we relish the opportunity to assist the OEMs equipment engineers during the development process, adding our broad lamp knowledge to the mix. This will ensure that all of the variables are optimised for both the system and the UV lamps, as ultimately this will avoid problems in the future for all involved.”

For more information about our work with OEMs, please contact Berenika Bond.