The aquatics industry is embracing the use of UV light technology to help maintain water quality in swimming pools, spas, aquariums and water parks.


The sector is recognising that UV-C light is an enabling technology for an environmentally friendly way to treat water without leaving chemical residues that come with chlorine, bromine or ozone systems.

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For the user, it is a much nicer experience as chloramines are ‘unlinked’ by ultraviolet light, so pool users also notice there is no longer a ‘chemical’ smell.

Using Alpha-Purify UV lamps as part of an aquatics disinfection system gives you easy installation, maintenance and a more environmentally-friendly way to help provide clean water.


  • Reduction of harmful chemical by-products in the water.
  • Reduces chemical handling requirements.
  • Possibility to render inactive microbes that have developed a resistance to chemical treatments.

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