The aquatics industry is embracing the use of UV light technology to help maintain water quality in swimming pools, spas, aquariums and water parks.


The aquatics sector plays a vital role in people's leisure time as well as being a core part of tourism industries across the world. Swimming pools, spa's, aquariums and water parks all need to ensure their water is kept clean and free of bacterial build up. UV-C light is an enabling technology for an environmentally friendly way to treat water without leaving chemical residues that come with chlorine, bromine or ozone systems.


For the user, experiencing UV treated water is also a much nicer experience. Chloramines in the water are ‘unlinked’ by exposure to ultraviolet light, which means pool and spa users are no longer left with a ‘chemical’ smell on their skin. Ultraviolet light also oxidises chlorine by-products which reduces red and stinging eyes.

Benefits of using uv technology

Using Alpha-Purify UV lamps as part of an aquatics disinfection system gives you easy installation, maintenance and a more environmentally-friendly way to help provide clean water.

The benefits of UV technology also include:

  • Reduction of harmful chemical by-products in the water
  • Reduces chemical handling requirements
  • Possibility to render inactive microbes that have developed a resistance to chemical treatments
  • No chemical / chlorine smell in the water
  • UV oxidises chlorine by-products, prevent red and stinging eyes

If you'd like to understand how UV light works in the disinfection process you can find out more on our How Ultraviolet Light Works page.


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Take a look at our video where we explain how UV technology is providing swimming pools, spas, aquariums and water parks with an environmentally safe way to maintain clean water.


The video also helps explain how UV light works to reduce harmful bacteria and pathogens in all types of aquatic use.


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