Ultraviolet technology used to help disinfect wastewater is a chemical-free process that renders harmful microorganisms safe and helps provide clean water for residents, workers and local flora and fauna.


Treating and reusing wastewater (known as grey or black water depending on where it has come from) for agricultural use is increasingly attractive to cities and municipal governments as more areas of the world suffer regular droughts brought on by climate change.

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Untreated wastewater can contain chemical pollution, pharmaceutical residue, pathogens and microbes, so it is essential that it is made safe before it is either reused (or pumped away where it will eventually join watercourses).

Traditional methods of treating water, for example with the use of chlorine gas, can create harmful by-products that are released into the environment when the water is used. UV technology used in disinfection of wastewater is a chemical-free process that renders harmful microorganisms safe and ensures safe water for residents, workers and flora and fauna that inhabits local water bodies.

Alpha-Purify works with many disinfection equipment manufacturers to supply them with UV lamps that keep people safe and enable countries to reuse water around the world.

Benefits of using UV technology in treatment systems are:

  • The physical rather than chemical process creates no by-products.
  • Pathogens cannot build a resistance to ultraviolet light.
  • Ultraviolet light deactivates chlorine-resistant microorganisms so they cannot reproduce.
  • More environmentally friendly than chemical-based systems.

Alpha-Purify supplies UV lamps and accessories to OEM system manufacturers and end-users worldwide.

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