UV disinfection has many advantages over conventional methods for surface, air and water disinfection:

The majority of UV disinfection systems require no chemicals, just correct application of the germicidal lamps – depending on the application some processes may still use chemicals, but in much smaller amounts

There are no toxic chemical or carcinogenic by-products left behind when UV disinfection is used

UV disinfection systems are often smaller and easier to use than conventional systems, with affordable capital and operational costs.

UV disinfection doesn’t alter the taste of liquid or food, which can happen with chemical or heat treatments

UV disinfection systems are often safer for the personnel using them than chemical systems, and eliminating the need to produce, store and transport dangerous and potentially toxic chemicals

Germicidal lamps are equally effective against bacteria, moulds, spores, bacteria and viruses.

UV disinfection inactivates pathogens which have developed a resistance to chlorine and other chemicals, such as cryptosporidium.

UV system for water purification