Medium pressure germicidal UV lamps are shorter in length than low pressure lamps and emit a wider disinfection wavelength, 200-320nm versus the 254nm emitted by low pressure lamps. This is increasingly being viewed as an advantage for those running UV disinfection systems, as it essentially gives a broader spectrum of weaponry against pathogens, tackling the proteins and enzymes as well as DNA.

Medium pressure UV disinfection systems use far fewer lamps than a low pressure system, giving potential cost and maintenance saving where a large amount of water may need to be treated (as in a municipal water treatment facility) as there are fewer lamps to monitor and maintain.

The lamp life is shorter than for a low pressure lamp and the energy consumed by the system will be greater. One other slight downside is that due to the fact that medium pressure lamps operate at a higher temperature than low pressure lamps, they can require a constant flow of water to prevent overheating. This may mean that they are unsuitable for use in water storage facilities or stagnant water treatment.

Alpha-Purify lamps are guaranteed for 8,000 hours.