Aquatech 2023 Insights

Events remain an important way of connecting with the industry and this year we attended Aquatech 2023 in Amsterdam. Now that the dust has settled here's our thoughts on how it went.
Posted: Friday, 1 December 2023

One of the water industries main events, Aquatech Amsterdam returned to the schedules this year and Alpha-Purify was there to participate and connect with friends new and old.

It's been a few weeks since the end of the event, so we've had a short catch up with our Commercial Director, Berenika Bond to hear her thoughts on how it went and any lessons learned that we can take into 2024.

Q. How did you find the event in general? What‘s your overview and key takeaways from it?

 "Aquatech Amsterdam is  always a good event to be part of and after the disruption of the past few years it was great to be able to be back in person and meeting the industry face to face. It’s so much better that way. What was clear from the exhibitor stands and presentations was that the water industry is facing a number of major challenges to solve. From the macro issues of countries having to ensure water supply whilst going through climate change, to more local challenges such as improving river water quality. The industry is also much more serious in creating new technology that allows for environmentally sustainable solutions to be put in place."

Q. Alpha-Purify has been a regular attendee of Aquatech Amsterdam, and it’s great to have it back on the event calendar. In what ways have you seen the event and the visitors evolve? 

"What we have seen change in the post pandemic years is that the attendees who are coming to the event have much more specific requirements and objectives. They appear to already have researched or know what the main disinfection options are available for them and the conversations as a consequence are less about general learning and much more specific to a certain scenario or situation. Which is great for an exhibitor as this provides more clarity on what the future opportunities may be."

Q. How were the business meetings you had?

"The meetings that happen at Aquatech have always been positive for a number of reasons. Firstly, as most of our main customers continue to have a stand there, it makes it a very useful event to further our own customer relationships. Secondly, there is always networking opportunities where you are introduced to associates of contacts, and then of course there are the new customer conversations. As mentioned in the previous answer these were very good this year with many visitors already understanding the benefits that UV technology can bring to a solution which meant the conversations focused on specific challenges and how our UV technology could assist in providing disinfection solutions."

Q. What things do you / the company need to do now that it is over?

"As after every exhibition, we now need to follow up on the great new opportunities Aquatech has provided with additional proof points and customer testing of our lamps. The conversations will definitely continue, and we will continue to work with customers to put in place fantastic UV based water disinfection solutions."


Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. It looks like 2024 is shaping up to be a busy one for Alpha-Purify!

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