Download Your UV Lamp Reminder Today!

Keeping track of when to replace your UV lamps in disinfection systems can be a challenge. That's why we're created our UV Lamp Reminder Image – a simple yet effective tool to help you stay on top of your lamp maintenance schedule.

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Posted: Monday, 22 January 2024

Why Is This Reminder Essential?

UV lamps are at the heart of your disinfection system but they don't last forever. Knowing when to replace them is vital for maintaining standards. Our reminder is designed to make this task effortless and efficient.  

What is the UV Lamp Reminder?

  • Our UV Lamp Reminder Image is tailored to keep important lamp details at your fingertips. It includes:
  • Installation Date: Mark the date you installed your UV lamps to track their lifespan accurately.
  • Lamp Reference Number: Easily refer to the specific model or reference number of the lamp you use.  

UtiliSing the Reminder

1. Download: Save our high-resolution image with just a click.

2. Print and Personalise: Print the image and fill in your lamp details – it’s that simple!

3. Place Prominently: Keep the reminder in a visible spot to ensure it’s always in your line of sight.

4. Keep It Current: Regularly update the reminder as you replace your lamps.

5. Easy Reordering: Use the info on your reminder to reorder lamps in advance, avoiding any downtime. 



The Advantages of Being Prepared

With our UV Lamp Reminder, you'll not only keep your disinfection system in excellent condition but also maintain a consistent quality of output. Say goodbye to frantic searches for replacements. You'll always be one step ahead in your maintenance routine.  

Download Your Reminder Now! Embrace efficiency and let our UV Lamp Reminder be your guide in lamp maintenance. Download it today and enhance your operational effectiveness.