Meet the team: Milly Beavan, paperwork is never boring!

For this Meet The Team post we are back in the Alpha-Purify office chatting with the admin team who are the wheels that keep the products moving and delivered to our customers. Without them, nothing would leave the building!!

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Posted: Monday, 3 October 2022

Q. So, let’s get the basics out of the way, what’s your name and job title?

I’m Milly Beavan, Admin Manager.

Q. And how long have you worked for company?

I’ve been here for five years so far!

Q. Tell us what’s your typical day is like? What are your main responsibilities and what do you need to get done?

There are two of us in the admin team and a typical day for us is very busy! Our daily main objectives are processing orders, answering emails, and dispatching and invoicing everything that is ready to go. These three things come in large volumes, so take up the majority of the day. We also create and chase up customer purchase orders and account proformas, and apply packing lists to recent orders and check and post invoices. I could go on but I don’t want to bore anyone too much!

Q. Are there any specialist skills you need to have when dealing with all the different orders?

Well, as most of our lamps have mercury in them we have to be super careful when sending them abroad, as it may mean we need to dispatch them under the Dangerous Goods regulations. When this happens we have special procedures and paperwork to complete as well as using licensed couriers to ensure the lamps can fly safely to their destinations.

Q. Probably best not to get those procedures wrong then! Did your previous experience provide a good grounding for the role?

Alpha-Cure was my first full-time job, previously I worked as a waitress whilst at sixth form, so I don’t think so! 

Q. What do you enjoy about working here?

It takes me about 3 minutes to drive here, but the job itself is very interesting, a lot to learn and it’s always different every day. Fast-paced too so it certainly keeps things interesting which is definitely a positive in my eyes as that is the type of environment I like to work in.

Q. Let’s find out more about you… what’s your idea of a perfect day?

A day out drinking and eating lots of food is always a winner for me, but if I am being farfetched then sat in the sun on holiday, somewhere like the Maldives would be PERFECT!

Q. Are you a coffee or tea person?

Tea all the way!

Q. How do you rate the music choices being played in the office?

I like pretty much all genres of music, so I am happy to listen to the variety played every day! (I don’t think I could dislike it considering I am the DJ most days)

Q. Final question – what’s your main focus or piece of work to smash out of the park over the coming months?

I am delving into the export process in much further detail than I ever have done previously, I recently had external training for this also as I wanted to widen my knowledge. Now that I have done this, I will investigate different methods of exportation and the documentation too. This will be a big focus of mine, but in general for our department we will be working hard to keep up with the general increase and growing business. The majority of the departments here have expanded their teams, which is fantastic for the business, but it means me, and Carla are typing quicker on our keyboard than we ever have done before! We certainly have our hands full at the moment  

Wow, there’s a lot going on with the admin team here at Alpha-Purify. Thanks for your time Milly and now… back to the packing lists.