Meet the Team: The name’s Bond, Berenika Bond

With International Women's Day (8th March) in mind and the theme of 'DigitALL', innovation and technology for gender equality”, we sat down with Berenika Bond, Head of Global Sales to hear her thoughts on global sales, as well as to know more about her and her time at Alpha-Purify.
Posted: Wednesday, 8 March 2023

Q. First things first, what’s your name and job title?

Berenika Bond and I am the Head of Global Sales

Q. And how long have you been working for Alpha-Purify?

I have been with Alpha-Cure for over 12 years and with Alpha-Purify right from when it started, so about 7 years now.

Q. So, what is your typical day like? What are your main objectives and what do you need to get done?

My typical day will involve dealing with various customers’ enquiries, as well as the day-to-day sales office management. My focus is to grow the business through the sales and marketing of existing and new products to customers. However, as I am responsible for improving the company’s market position within the UV disinfection sector, I am therefore actively involved in marketing as well.

Q. Did your previous experience provide a good grounding for the role here?

It did, indeed. From quite early on, I enjoyed sales and dealing with customers and earning my own money 😉 During university I had 2-weekend jobs, and I did a working holiday abroad as well. Working in a hospitality environment has enabled me to meet people from around the world. I think this is the root of my interest in cultural differences in business.  So, after finishing my degree in International Trade I decided to try my luck in the UK. I have had a number of different office roles, but I always knew that export is what I want to do so I kept looking for the right role. I was working as an Export Sales Manager in the Automotive industry before joining Alpha-Purify.

Q.With innovation and technology for gender equality in mind; what examples, achievements and thoughts do you have regarding your time at Alpha-Purify? 

Being a successful woman in a male-dominated industry can be challenging at times. Being a successful single mother in a male-dominated industry is almost impossible! However, Alpha-Purify has made it not just possible, they have made it easy for me with a reactive and flexible hybrid way of working; providing me with all the digital and technological means I need to do my job successfully. By embracing these ways of working, I have been able to excel in my role, as well as in the innovative and technological industry Alpha-Purify exists in, resulting in being a part of the senior management team.

Alpha-Purify educates and inspires, with leadership qualities and invests in and develops skills within our teams. With 42% of our UK STEM workforce female, including a 50% female Research & Development Team, I'm proud to say we have a fair, equal and equitable culture at Alpha-Purify.

Q. What do you enjoy about working here?

I find UV Technology extremely interesting, particularly UV used in disinfection applications. I enjoy working with customers from all over the world and learning about different markets.  As for the company itself, I really appreciate that it has enabled me to prove myself and grow within the organisation. The company has continued to grow since I started about 12 years ago and I feel privileged to be part of that process, and looking forward to what the future holds for us...UV technology for a brighter future 😉

Q. Let’s find out more about you… what’s your idea of a perfect day?

Well, I suppose I must give you examples of 2 perfect days as one would involve my children and the other one would be just for me. For the perfect day with kids, it would have to be a day trip to the beach. My perfect day would involve a spa, I love a spa break!

Q. Are you a coffee or tea person?

Coffee, but only in the morning. I do like tea as well, but that’s usually green tea for me.

Q. How do you rate the music choices being played in the factory/office? 

I tend to switch myself off, and only pick up the songs that I like so cannot really comment on that. My personal taste in music is rather eclectic though and very much depends on my mood. I grew up listening to Queen, so rock will always have a special place in my heart but I listen to anything from classical ( Yiruma and Fabrizio Paterlini ) to house music (Kygo, Avicci)

Q. Final question – what’s your main focus or piece of work to smash out of the park over the coming months?

Securing orders from the OEMs that I have been working on in the past few years…yes, this is how long it takes!

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us.