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Dürr Dental ensures continued operations with improved office safety
Posted: Monday, 18 July 2022

At the start of the Covid pandemic key NHS and private sector supplier, Dürr Dental recognised the need to take additional safety measures to ensure staff remained safe and available to work in their large Kettering office and warehouse, allowing crucial supply operations to continue.

Enhanced Safety

Amongst the measures taken by the company, two portable Alpha-Purify UVETTA air purification devices were placed in the open plan office. These use ultraviolet light to remove harmful viruses from the air, helping improve all-round air quality and lowering the risk of airborne transmission of microorganisms.

Their portable nature and very low noise levels meant that these were able to be moved around for meetings or general office use depending on the location and number of people present.

What happened?

Over the course of the pandemic, Dürr Dental were able to successfully continue its supply of dental products to the NHS and private sector without excessive downtime caused by Covid-19. There were no office-based outbreaks of Covid reported in the teams, and also a noticeable drop in cold and flu symptoms.

A continued benefit

As office working begins to return to normal, Dürr Dental are continuing to use the UVETTA devices to help enhance safety for their staff.

Carole Pope, Accounts & Office Manager who introduced them into the Kettering office said:

“We are very happy with the UVETTA devices and the way they are helping us keep the office staff safe from any Covid outbreaks. They are also great looking and easily fit into the open plan office environment”. 

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