Success Stories – How A Local Salon Is Staying Safe Through the Pandemic!

Cleaning surfaces and wearing masks have been a part of our lives now since 2020 but so too has UV air purification technology, which has grown in popularity since the pandemic began two years ago.
Posted: Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Neil Hopkins, Director of Leamington Spa-based hair salon, Indigo is our latest customer to buy our UVETTA air UV purifiers.

“I have a 2700 sqm retail unit where I employ 20 people and have on average 50 clients per day through the doors. The staff have to work in close quarters with each other and with the clients for long periods throughout the day. I had been looking for the best way to offer a safe and protected environment for both to be in.” – Neil Hopkins | Indigo 

Working closely with clients is all part of a salon’s business in the hair and beauty industry and Neil wanted a way to help protect his staff and customers in different locations within his salon. Neil contacted Alpha-Purify after learning about UV disinfection technology.

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“After researching UV air purification lamps, I got in touch with Alpha-Purify who advised their UVETTA range offered a variety of sizes that made it all work for the multiple locations within my business. Alpha-Purify’s wealth of knowledge on UV reassured me that I was making the right choice and their understanding and enthusiasm for my project was obvious and welcomed.” – Neil Hopkins | Indigo

How it works


We were only too happy to help Neil, so we offered our UVETTA air UV purifiers to help protect his staff and customers.

“Some employees wondered as to whether any benefit would be felt but once the UVETTA systems were installed and seen in operation, all the staff realised that they now had a safer place to work from. Feedback from the clients so far has been only positive.” – Neil Hopkins | Indigo

Since installing and operating the UVETTA systems in his Salon, Neil has received positive comments from clients and his staff now feel safer at work.

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