Medium Pressure UV Lamps used to disinfect Swimming Pools

Swimming pool water requires careful treatment to ensure that it is safe for people to enjoy, and traditionally that meant adding chlorine or bromine.
Posted: Tuesday, 2 October 2018

However, ultraviolet (UV) treatment systems are increasingly becoming the preferred method for ensuring that swimming pool water is safe and clean for people to enjoy, thanks to a range of benefits over chemical disinfection.

These include:

  • UV can reduce the amount of chlorine needed for disinfection in some cases up to 80% less, resulting in an almost chlorine free pool and a significant reduction in chemical by- products.
  • UV is more effective in reducing bacterial levels in the water.
  • UV treatment can deactivate chlorine-resistant microorganisms.
  • UV oxidises chlorine by-products, prevent red and stinging eyes
  • Ignites a flocculation effect.
  • Prevents hazards due to not having to handle dangerous chemicals. 

How does UV disinfection work?

The swimming pool water is pumped through the UV system and passes over and around UV lamps which are protected by quartz sleeves. The UV radiation inactivates the DNA of microorganisms in the water by damaging their DNA and preventing them from replicating and breaks down chloramines by photolysis. 

Medium Pressure lamps

In 2018 the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) updated their guidelines to state that the full flow of water should be treated with medium pressure UV lamps with a dose of 60mj/cm2 at a UV transmitting rate of 94%. Medium pressure lamp emits UV light over a broader wavelength resulting in a higher disinfection rate. 

To find out more about how Alpha-Purify’s medium pressure UV disinfection lamps are used within the Pool and Spa industry, or to source medium pressure UV lamps, quartz sleeves and any other UV disinfection system parts please Contact Us.

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