What is desalination and how does UV assist the process?

Desalination is a process that removes the mineral components (salt and minerals) from saline water. This enables waste water and seawater to be reused without health and agriculture implications, creating a safe and clean future.
Posted: Thursday, 9 January 2020

Desalination is a growing market for both governments and the private sector as water scarcity and water re-use are becoming a more pressing issue around the world. According to market research carried out by GWI (Global Water Intelligence) the expenditure on seawater and water desalination is due to increase by 42% in 2020. Currently desalination provides only around 1% of the worlds drinking water but this percentage is growing considerably year on year and is expected to receive a $10 billion investment in the next 5 years. This would add 5.7 million cubic metres per day of new production capacity, and this is expected to double by 2030.

Scientists have recently been recommending UV disinfection as the best approach to destroy harmful organisms and viruses within the water. By using UV technology, it can considerably increase the efficiency of water treatment plants and desalination facilities. So how does this work?

UV technology is usually one of the last stages of the water purification process. UV can significantly reduce the TOC (Total Organic Carbons) levels in the water. As the water passes by the UV lamp the wavelengths disperse the water molecules and breaks their bonds. The atoms will automatically couple with the TOC carbon atoms – this combination forms carbon dioxide and water molecules as seen in the diagram below. Then once this process has been completed the oxidizable carbons are destroyed leaving you with clean safe water. Waste water and desalination are just two of the many applications you can use UV technology within the water industry. There is a range of water applications that UV is currently used within such as: drinking water, aquaculture, marine, wastewater, healthcare, packaging and processing, oil and gas, aquatics, horticulture, food and beverage, mining and laboratories.

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