What you need to know to order the right medium-pressure UV lamp

Dealing with UV lamp orders for disinfection systems is a daily, or perhaps we should say an hourly process for us here at Alpha-Purify. But we appreciate this may not be that regular an occurrence for our customers who come to us to order their replacement lamps.

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Posted: Wednesday, 25 January 2023

That’s why, as part of the quotation and order process we are very keen to know and confirm the exact specifications of the lamp in question. Getting the specification right first time will help eliminate potential errors in lamp supply that could result in:

  • Inefficient UV transmission
  • Non-fitting lamps
  • Costly returns
  • Unwanted operational downtime   

When asking for an ultraviolet light lamp quote, the best things a customer can have readily available are:

  • Lamp manufacturer name
  • Model number or reference
  • Specification sheet

That way we can exactly match it to our product database and any potential errors can be easily avoided.

However, we also know that being able to provide all of this information is not always possible. When this happens what we look for are the basic measurements that will help us provide the right lamp.

These requirements are (ref image):

1. The overall lamp length (A)

2. The arc length (C)

3. The diameter of the lamp (D)

4. Volts of the lamp (please ensure this is the lamp voltage, rather than the systems voltage),

5. Amps of the lamp (again, lamp voltage, not system voltage)

6. Dimensions of the caps (F,G,H,I). If you don’t have those, we can often identify the caps with a photo.

To help communicate all of this information, the full specification sheet can be downloaded and filled out here.

And, don’t worry if any of these details are not easily available as our team of experts can often work out the specification by viewing photos of the current lamp. Ultimately, working together to get the specification right means we won’t supply you with a replacement lamp that causes issues with your system.

 With every quote, we also issue a product specification sheet that provides peace of mind and will allow you to reorder in the future with ease.

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