Part Number: Quartz Sleeve for Berson UV Lamp B2000 & B2500
Total length: 1147mm
Diameter: 32mm
UV System model: Older InLine Models

The level of contaminants in the water will vary depending on the location of the water treatment facility and the type of water being treated, so it can be hard to know how often to clean quartz sleeves.

We advise that quartz sleeves should be checked after one week of operation to see how much, if any, fouling has occurred. The quartz sleeves should then be re-checked every week for a determined period of time, so that the normal rate of fouling can be assessed and a cleaning schedule put in place. An example of this would be that if fouling appears after 30 days, ensure that the quartz sleeves are scheduled to be cleaned every 25 days to maintain UVT.

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