The APS-BOT is part of the Alpha-Purify AP-S Range, which helps to disinfect surrounding air and surfaces against harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria.

The Key Benefits:

  • Chemical free
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Up to 50 m2 disinfection surface range
  • Achieves high hygiene standards
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Provides a reliable and economical process
  • Extends shelf life on fresh produce


This device is mobile, on wheels, enabling you to move it to any desired location. The germicidal UVC lamps can be positioned, and angled (0-180°), in multiple ways. This provides 360° effective disinfection in any environment or space.

The APS-BOT is a stainless-steel structure that has standard safety features such as: a remote control, settable timer, and motion detector.