Support Accessories

Support Accessories

Ensure your UV technology is working efficiently with our Support Accessories.

Keeping a disinfection system working efficiently and at optimum levels requires regular maintenance routines. Add these Support Accessories to your routines to enhance the cleaning and safety of your system.

UV Lamp Cleaning Kit

Keeping a UV lamp clean and free of a build up of debris will ensure optimum transmission of the ultraviolet light and keep disinfection levels high. Use our Lamp Cleaning kit as part of your regular maintenance routine.

The kit contains:

  • Gentle abrasive block 60 grit
  • 1 lt bottle of isopropyl alcohol
  • Large multi-purpose vinyl gloves
  • Pack of 3 lint free cleaning cloths
  • Clear safety goggles
  • Disposable face mask

These all come in a reusable storage bag.

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Mercury Spill Kit

Although rare, accidents can happen. If a UV lamp were to break then we would recommend having our Mercury Spill kit ready to help contain any potential contamination and keep your teams safe.

The main features are:

  • Uses a COSHH-recommended system for dealing with spillages
  • Kit can be used to deal with up to five spillages
  • Decontamination procedure helps eliminate effects of ‘old’ spillages
  • Safe storage of waste mercury for disposal
  • Full compliance with CQC (Care Quality Commission) outcomes in UK and Health and Safety Executive inspections


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