UV Disinfection Technology For Wastewater Applications

Access to clean water is in high demand around the world. Ultraviolet purification technology can greatly help with modern water treatment solutions on a national and local scale.

UV Disinfection Technology For Drinking Water Applications

Every country in the world aspires to have access to clean drinking water. Ultraviolet technology is an important part of the water purification process in large-scale industrial treatment plants and compact disinfection systems for rural homes.

UV Disinfection Technology For Marine Applications

Ultraviolet technology is increasingly being for marine applications including the cruise and ocean freight industries. Onboard UV technology-based systems help to purify drinking and wastewater, as well as ballast discharge water treatment inline with International Maritime Organisation regulations.

UV Disinfection Technology For Aquaculture Applications

UV technology greatly benefits hatcheries, fish farms and aquariums in the aquaculture industry with safe, chemical-free water treatment for freshwater, brackish and seawater fish.

Video Tutorial | How to Set Up Your UVETTA App

Download and install the UVETTA app from the App Store or Google Play to remotely control your UVETTA air purifier from your smartphone.

UV Disinfection Technology For Aquatics Applications

Aquatic industry applications include swimming pools, spas, aquariums, and water parks where UV technology is increasing in use for water treatment and water quality maintenance.

Five Ways UV Is Used Every Day | Alpha-Purify

UV technology is in our lives far more than you probably realise. There are industries that use UV light as part of their disinfection applications for process, drinking and wastewater. Here are five ways UV is used every day!

Medium Pressure UV System For Process, Drinking & Wastewater Disinfection

Alpha-Purify supplies a wide range of high-quality components including medium-pressure UV lamps, power supplies and quartz tubes commonly used in disinfection applications such as process, drinking and wastewater applications.

Alpha Purify – UV Manufacturer For Ballast Water Treatment

Alpha Purify - UV manufacturer for Ballast Water treatment

UV (Ultraviolet) Surface Disinfection Of Caps

Custom made UV system using medium pressure UV lamps manufactured by Alpha-Purify.

Alpha Purify Sea Asia Interview

Berenika Bond talks about the shipping industry and how UV Technology can help shape its future.