There are a lot of applications for the AP-A range of disinfection systems. You can consider the installation of one or more of these systems wherever there is a need for aseptic areas and surroundings. These systems are intended for the disinfection of air and are particularly useful in environments with the presence of patients or more generally immuno-compromised subjects.

Common applications are waiting rooms, cinemas, operating rooms, hospitals, offices, schools, private houses, food production plants, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, breeding farms, industrial plants.

Benefits :

  • Extended product shelf life
  • Reduces cross-contamination
  • Reduces bad odours in the room
  • HACCP hygiene compliant
  • Increases productivity
  • Cost-effective
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The AP-Air range comes in three different system designs APA-Evo, APA-Flo, APA-Jet they all have different models depending on your requirements and room size.

Images of 3 separate UV air disinfection systems.

Possible Installation