Alpha-Purify supplies a range of compact UV disinfection systems for sterilising and disinfecting air, tanks and surfaces. The Alpha-Purify disinfection systems are perfect for use in industries including food and beverage production, horticulture, aquaculture, packaging and processing, drinking water storage and healthcare. UV disinfection offers a chemical-free solution that is cost-effective and easy to maintain, negating the need for staff to handle dangerous chemicals on a day to day basis. UV disinfection will extend product shelf life, prevent cross-contamination and ensure working areas are as clean and safe as possible.

The Alpha-Purify disinfection systems include the AP-S Range for surface disinfection, the AP-T Range for tank disinfection and the AP-A range for air disinfection.


AP-A Range

There are a lot of applications for the AP-A range of disinfection systems. You can consider the installation of one or more of these systems wherever there is a need for aseptic areas and surroundings. These systems are intended for the disinfection of air and are particularly useful in environments with the presence of patients or more generally immuno-compromised subjects. Common applications are: waiting rooms, cinemas, operating rooms, hospitals, offices, schools, private houses, food production plants, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, breeding farms, industrial plants.

The AP-Air range comes in three different system designs APA-Evo, APA-Flo, APA-Jet they all have

different models depending on your requirements and room size.




Benefits :

– Extended product shelf life

– Reduces cross-contamination

– Reduces bad odours in the room

– HACCP hygiene compliant

– Increases productivity

– Cost-effective



AP-T Range

Alpha-Purify’s Tank range has been designed to provide headroom disinfection in water storage tanks as well as water disinfection and the prevention of bacteria growth in water tanks.









– Chemical-free

– Safe & Reliable

– Natural Process

– Highly effective

– Energy efficient

– Cost-effective

– Easy maintenance


AP-S Range

Alpha-Purify’s Surface Range has been designed to provide effective and efficient disinfection of roller conveyor belts. The products consist of a simple stainless-steel box. The UV box is supplied with an adjustable rail frame and so the unit can be installed at the top or at the bottom of rollers. Its main function is the effective disinfection of conveyors or the products transported by the rollers. The specific design of this product makes it flexible and adaptable to any type of roller conveyor plant.








-Prevents cross-contamination

-Reduces belt germ count

-Achieves hygiene regulations

-Easy maintenance



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