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UV disinfection is the technology of choice at Brewers SAMSON in the south of the Czech Republic. This company sources their water from wells and treats it with UV to ensure it meets the health and safety demands around purification.
Posted: Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Using UV technology helps to maintain longer shelf life and the end product is as natural as possible. It is a non-chemical alternative that uses the UVC light wavelengths to permanently mutate the DNA in bacteria. Although this doesn’t technically kill the microorganism that is exposed to the radiation, the process makes it impossible for the microorganisms to reproduce, which inactivates the bacteria and successfully disinfects the fluid.

Our Czech distributor Philinea, has been in contact recently to give us some feedback on our lamps they supplied to the Brewery SAMSON and to talk to us about how they are used in the UV disinfection process.

In the brewery, the water fills tanks with the capacity of approximately 20m3, and then flows to the production area.  When the production doesn´t require this water, the UV reactor is switched over to bypass and the water circulates through a UV reactor and is constantly disinfected, which means it is ready to use at any time. This process requires the UV system to be on continuously, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This brewer has reported an Alpha-Purify lamp lifetime of over 13,000 hours from installation 18 months ago and is currently working at 86% efficiency. This is an outstanding outcome, which the customer has described as “incredible”, compared to other brand they have used that have only run for 12 months and at the end of that time, the lamps have only been running at an efficiency of 40%

The use of UV disinfection is growing in the water purification industry and now is a great time to embrace this ever-developing technology.

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