What you need to know to order the right Quartz Sleeve for your UV system

Alpha-Purify supply high-quality quartz sleeves for a range of UV systems, all crafted from the highest-grade quartz with premium UV transmission (UVT). But what's required to order them correctly?

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Posted: Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Why are the right specifications important when buying new quartz sleeves?

When you need to order a replacement quartz sleeve for your disinfection system it is vital you get the specification right. Knowing the exact specification of the sleeve and providing precise measurements means you will avoid errors that can result in:

  • Non-fitting sleeves
  • Inefficient transmission of UV light
  • Costly return of goods
  • Unnecessary downtime

Depending on your system, the tolerance between good and bad performance can be in mm’s.

Get the specification right the first time and you will benefit from ongoing efficient operations. That’s why it’s important to provide as much exact detail as possible when ordering any new quartz sleeve.

When should you order a new quartz sleeve?

The level of contaminants in the water will vary depending on the location of the water treatment facility and the type of water being treated, so it can be hard to know how often to clean quartz sleeves. The same contamination that prevents UV from being effectively transmitted through the quartz can also lead to the degradation of the material wall, meaning that even cleaning the sleeves may eventually have no positive effect on UV transmittance.

We recommend that all quartz sleeves should be replaced every 3 years, however, if the sleeves are regularly suffering from heavy contamination then they should be replaced earlier if testing equipment shows that UVT is compromised.

How to order a new Quartz Sleeve

There are three main types of quartz sleeve in use:

  • Closed at one end
  • Open at both ends
  • Flared at one end


We can supply all the different types of quartz sleeves but need some basic specification details to ensure the correct fit your system. Using your existing quartz sleeve as the basis of the specification will help get the right replacement for your system. The main specifications we need are (Ref image):

1. Total length (A)

2. Outside Diameter (OD)

3. Internal Diameter (ID)

4. End type

5. The type of material it is made from (Standard, Ozone-free or Synthetic quartz)

If you have any questions or are struggling to find the right information, please contact our sales team who can work through the specifications with you. For more information visit our Quartz Sleeve webpage

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