Working with OEMs – you never stop learning

After 25 years of successful manufacturing of UV lamps for a number of industries and applications, you would think that we have seen it all.
Posted: Wednesday, 20 July 2022

But the truth is we are constantly developing new UV lamp technology as we work alongside our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) customers.

OEMs are the backbone of our business. Working with them to support each new system they develop with new operating requirements and lamp specifications.

But how do we develop such great working relationships with OEMs?

Manufacturing UV lamps is a specialised process. This means lamps that go into disinfection, purification and germicidal systems need to be of sufficiently high standards to uphold hard-won reputations.

OEMs considerations for UV lamp supply aren’t just about the UV intensity and expected operational lifetime hours, it’s also about:

  • Production standards
  • Production quality control
  • Supply timelines
  • Delivery speed and flexibility
  • Technical support and advice
  • Speed of response
  • Issue resolution 

Building up a strong working relationship is something Alpha-Purify is proud to focus on. When we work with an OEM as a new partner or on a new project there is a focus on building up trust so that the sharing of information is quick, easy and honest.

Bespoke lamps that add value

The lamps are always bespoke, and we have technical and R&D teams that work with the OEM engineers to understand the OEM system operating requirements and expectations. Our lamps can then be developed to provide added value through increased outputs or extended operational lifetimes.

For more information on how we do this read our blog on our R&D process that is on our Alpha-Cure website.

Once the lamps are through the design stage, we would look to supply trial lamps to the OEM. These would be tested in the new system for a minimum of 1000 hours before any signoff can happen. The openness of the working relationship means there is always the chance that revisions need to be made and the process is repeated before everyone is happy.

It’s only when both Alpha-Purify and the OEM are happy with the testing results will lamps drop into a production schedule.

Aftercare is an ongoing focus

This is where the Customer Experience team and dedicated Account Executives pick up the baton and work with the OEM to ensure that orders are processed efficiently, and shipping requirements expedited. We also like to work on forward planning with an OEM to understand future order volumes which help us to plan production runs in our UK factory. This forward planning allows also for stock holding as well, which can lead to significant reductions in lead times.

Feedback is always looked for from our OEMs and we are proud to consistently hear that the quality of our lamps is high, lead times are short and the level of support for any challenges is second to none.

The way Alpha-Purify likes to work with all its OEM customers is to build a powerful working relationship that allows everyone to benefit from the supply of high-quality UV lamps. It’s a win-win!

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