Top 5 Alpha-Purify News Stories of 2023

The end of a year is traditionally a time to reflect on the year's successes before moving forward into the new year. So let's take another look at 2023's top 5 news stories from the Alpha-Purify website.
Posted: Monday, 11 December 2023

5. Coming in at number five on our list a customer case study. This one is featuring our customer Durr Dental who used our UVETTA Portable Air Purification units in their office and warehouse to help keep their staff safe.

Read how they did it here.


4. At number four it's great to be able to feature an internal success story. Berenika's promotion to Commercial Director in the summer attracted a lot of interest. Congratulation's Berenika!

Full story...


3. Interesting to see an older story feature prominently in our charts. An industry specific story comes in at third place when we took a look at how UV technology is influencing the diary industry.

Learn how.


2. In at number two is a more technical post about understanding the differences between low and medium pressure UV lamps.

Full info here.


1. And our number one most read post for 2023 is... when we explored how UV technology can help in the desalination process. Which will be crucial in helping the world find new clean water sources.

Click to read the the complete blog.


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