What's required in making a quality UV lamp?

Producing high-quality medium-pressure UV lamps for OEM’s and endusers requires experience and expertise. How is Alpha-Purify uniquely positioned to do this?

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Posted: Friday, 9 February 2024

Alpha-Purify draws upon over 27 years of industry experience when producing our UV lamps. Our expertise not only comes from highly knowledgeable staff members but also from working with major original equipment manufacturers in the UV based disinfection industry. These close working relationships mean there are tens of thousands of Alpha-Purify lamps each year being used in industry leading disinfection and air purification systems across the entire world.

How do we build these relationships and how do we work together to produce UV lamps that are industry leading in quality and longevity. This is how:


We have also taken a deeper dive into the way our R&D team works with OEMs and suppliers in an earlier blog. You can read this in full here.

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