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Finding ways to mitigate new waves of COVID-19
Monday, 27 June 2022
COVID-19 has now been part of our lives for over two years, and much of the world is now trying to move into a ‘living with COVID-19’ way of life.
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5 Main Ways Water is Purified
Monday, 20 June 2022
The availability of clean and safe water is a luxury the majority of us around the world presently enjoy. But how often do you think about it? Many of us have never had to worry about how safe our water is to drink, wash with or swim. That’s because we have processes in place to filter and clean our water before it reaches us for consumption.
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Water Treatment – UV Technology vs Chemicals
Friday, 17 June 2022
As is natural for global industries such as the ones Alpha-Purify operate in, there are always going to be different ways and continuing development of ideas that change the way we do things.
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